April 29th, 2008

A mix made from of tracks I downloaded between April 11th and 29th; give or take.
(zShare link)(~75 megs, 39 minutes)

1. Shepard Tones
2. Fogbank (Jack Beats Remix) - Boy 8-Bit
8 Bit Boy and Jack Beats? Cannot be resisted.

3. WAR - BMX
Cute pop for your dance floor.

4. Switchblade (LA Riots rmx)
5. Les gens pour ce qu'ils sont (Designer Drugs remix) - Flou
Kick-ass. I hope the french lyrics aren't about anything too offensive.

6. Catch Me If U Can (Bag Raiders Remix) - Headman
Bag Raiders never fail.

Titans EP Promo - Voodoo Chili
Just a snip from a snip.

8. Backfire at the Disco (South Central Remix) - Wombats
Two faced little track; South Central delivers again.

9. Fugazi Long Division (Emynd's Disco Edit) - Emynd
10. B-More Forward (Original Mix) - The Count Of Monte Cristal
11. Starstruck - Santogold
Awesome use of Fugazi bassline by Emynd and Forward riddem by CMC/Sinden. The rest is my fault.

12. Benny Benassi - I Am Not Drunk
Highly suspect but I kept it in.

13. American Boy (Danger Remix) Estelle ft. Kanye West
Danger is as good as the hype says he is.

14. Sirens (Acid Girls can hear it too remix) - Dizzee Rascal
I have a definite weakness for Dizzee Rascal.

15. Phantom (Hydroz Remix) - Justice
16. Fancy Footwork (Crooker remix) - Chromeo
17. Wassup (Crookers remix) - Rye Rye
18. Who's That (Jack Beats remix) - Trip
Phantom never dies. Crookers are not to be resisted; Chromeo never fails. I have no attention span.

19. Dat New "New" - Kid Cudi
20. Ride It, Shake it - DJ Godfather & Big Daddy Rick
Kid Cudi with some extra stuff.

Getting more organized already...