July 19th Mix

Another seven days, another great pile of tracks. I remember when buying a few 12"s a week was considered a habit. Now I'm averaging about a hundred singles a week plus an album or two. Fantastic.

I'm told the podcast works if you use the RSS link on the sidebar. I'm only going to leave the most recent mix online to try and avoid my server melting but if you subscribe they should show up all regular like.

A mix made mostly from tracks downloaded between July 10th and 19th. (Driveway link / zShare link) (~60 megs, 30 minutes)

1. Wargame (Original Mix) - Raw Man
2. Say Aha (TEPR Remix)
- Santogold
3. Wet That
- R!M!E
4. House Jam (XXXchange remix)
- Gang Gang Dance
5. Ouohoho (Bumblebeez remix)
- You!
6. Love Parade (Van Miert Remix)
- Da Hool
7. Fake Blood Blood Splashing
- (Fake Blood Theme)
8. Get Down (Laidback Luke Booty Remix)
- Paul Johnson
9. Professional Panda
- Zoo Brazil
10. Buraka Som Sistema ft. Petty - Yah! (The Count & Sinden Remix)
11. Flash Dancer
- Rayflash
12. Push The Feeling On (Remix)
- Hoods Up!
13. They Live (Trevor Loveys Rmx)
- Evil Nine
14. Mad Again (Jokers Of The Scene Remix)
- South Rakkas Crew
15. Beat Riot (Risko Disko Remix)
- Loto
16. Pound For Pound
- The American Dream Team
17. Gunn Crime (Original)
- Streetlife DJs
18. Don't Touch Me (Bird Peterson Remix)
- Busta Rhymes
19. The Brainwasher (Erol Alkans Horrorhouse Dub)
- Daft Punk
20. You Shook Me All Night Long (DJ Rock Hause Bootleg)
21. Break It Down - Estaw (Detboi's Mental Breakdown Remix)
22. Heartbeat (KRLZ Remix)
- Annie