June 7th Mix and more

Hello again! Wow, so I guess I've been doing these mixes since April 2008. 57 episodes and counting!
Electronic dance music has come a way in that time. Fuck me, all the sudden there's 'mainstream' dance music. North American finally got on board and son-of-a-bitch tracks I used for mixes are showing up on local top 40 radio.
So I've decided to make a tiny change in how I pick music for these things. As there's now so many awesome sources for new music I'm going to start to make more of an effort to use tracks by lesser known producers and shy a little bit away from established acts. No major rules, just gonna try to run it a little more forward. And so, without further blah blah, it's

lowpass-06-07-2012.mp3 #57

1. Guts (The Sound of Arrows remix) - Alex Winston
2. You Need Some - Prok & Fitch vs. Marco Lys
3. Pardon My French - Pierce Fulton
4. Funky Vodka (No Body Bootleg) - TJR
5. Keep It Down - Northend
6. Siren (Just One) - Milo & Otis
7. What Happens In Vegas (E-Drop remix) - Chuckie
8. Let It Fall - Jakwob
9. Good Love (Feat. Infuze) - Hellfire Machina
10. Mercy (Triple Six Sound Clubs No Mercy Bootleg Remix) - Kanye West
11. I Don't Like (Flufftronix remix) - Chief Keef
12. Harlem Shake - Baauer
13. Falling Down (VIP) - Sub Focus
14. Red Line - Wolfgang Gartner
15. Slow Down (E-Drop remix) - Beataucue
16. Allein - Pryda